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Our best friends give us so much, why not give them the very best? Put your money into a well balanced healthy diet rather than vet bills years from now.

This food has been developed by a holistic veterinarian with over 20 years experience in nutrition.  Only fresh, natural, wholesome ingredients are found in this premium pet food.

Life's Abundance is around the same price as other premium foods in the pet stores including shipping to your door but there is a world of difference not only in the fact that Dr. Jane Bicks DVM uses no chemicals or fillers, but in the quality of the ingredients going into all her products.  The protein used is muscle meat which is easily converted by the body into fuel. Click below to learn more about what is really in your pet's food. Compare ingredients and prices, and see how you can improve the lifespan of your pets. 

With recent scares regarding tainted ingredients from China being used by US pet food companies it is reassuring to know that "Jane" is very careful and hands-on regarding where she gets her ingredients.

 There is also the more recent scare in California with beef "not fit for human consumption". 

Did you know most of the pet food companies are divisions of human food companies?  Do you wonder where the "not fit for human consumption" waste might end up?

Do you really know what's in your pet food? Click here to hear Dr. Jane's 12-minute audio presentation.

Dr. Jane has conference calls on Thursday evenings for anyone wanting to know more about her products, ingredients, why she formulates a particular product or assistance with advance e-mail questions, regarding specific problems or illnesses with a pet (she does not diagnose over the phone). 



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