Diane Pothier Breeder
Lords & Ladies TICA, ACFA, CFA, Registered
     Melrose, MA | Tel: 781.665.8955 | Email: lordsnladies@comcast.net
I tell my families to start with a large carrier; these cats grow quickly!


Stella (kitten) and Jamie


Lilly (Sweet-Pea) and Harry. He is her no. 1 love


Sally is a blue mitted who LOVES to be photographed

A chocolate sunday comes in many shapes!

Ma Jolie is learning to share with this seal mitted kitten - look at that blaze on his nose!

Ali is a seal bicolor and loves to hide among the potted plants

Chloe' is a seal mitted and she obviously wears the pants in her family!

Tabasco is a flame lynx mitted and is the king of his castle

Jacob & Milo



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