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I wouldn't pounce on him if I were you Ma Jolie.  Before too long he will be as big as you!

First, I'll try to give a bit of background on myself.  I work for a non-profit medical organization of abdominal surgeons.  I also worked many years ago in the OR of a veterinarian's office as a veterinarian technician as well as a medical tech in human obstetrics.  I never really gave it a thought but when families ask me why I got into breeding, I guess it wasn't much of a stretch for me.

Our cats and kittens are raised as naturally/holistically as possible.  I passionately believe there is an epidemic today of cancer and diabetes in animals, as well as people and I do believe much could be eradicated if we were more careful about chemicals in our foods.  I also believe wholesome muscle meat (protein) is much easier for the body to turn into fuel and fillers are not healthy in respect to the sugar carbs produce.  My pets are fed an all-natural food and vitamins which has been developed by a holistic veterinarian, as well as using an all natural cat litter, flea-tick treatment and other natural products like shampoo, etc.  The kittens are chemical free when they go to their forever homes except for their vaccines.

Our pedigree Ragdolls are selectively bred and raised with high standards in health, temperament and socialization, as well as, for the best of the Ragdoll standard in size and conformation, eye color and coat. We raise traditional colors and patterns, as well as the newer (designer) colors and patterns, including the lynx, chocolate, lilac, flame and tortie.

Our cattery is registered with TICA, CFA & ACFA and we are a member of RFCI, RI, RAG and RFW.  Each kitten is given an eight week check-up by our veterinarian along with another check before they are early speutered.  A written health guarantee  accompanies every kitten sold to a qualified cat lover.  Our adults are all tested for FeLV and FIV, as well as, echocardiogramed for HCM and heart disease periodically. 

Kittens are chosen on a first come, first deposit basis for the quality selected.  A small deposit will hold your spot in choosing a kitten and your choice of kitten until Mom has taught it all of the social skills needed to fit right into its new home.  Our kittens are spay/neutered before they leave our home and leave at about 12 to 12 1/2 weeks of age.

Kittens leaving our cattery are never forgotten. We love to be sent pictures and stories of their antics and if there are ever questions or concerns, we are only a telephone call away.   Lifetime support is always available to my families.

We do not provide Stud Service.

Mon Bijou found Dunkin Doyle (chocolate colorpoint) a nice cushion for an afternoon nap!  Dunkin doesn't look happy but they took a 2 hour nap together :-)

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